M & S Kobal is a combination of father Stefan (born 1967) and son Mitja (born 1995). Stefan was himself a pigeon fanciers already in 1986, but unfortunately after a few years he had to end his career as a pigeon fancier because of not enough time to take a good care of pigeons. In 2013 we entered pigeon sport again but this time more professionally, without any limits and with clear goals to become the best as possible. We immediately build big racing and breeding lofts and invested in the best bloodlines in the world. This immediately pays off with several TOP results. 

Because of very hard terrain and weather conditions in Slovenia, we decided to invest in the best long distance and extreme long distance pigeons in the world.

In our loft, there is all the best from Batenburg van de Merwe and Jelle Jellema, who are one of the best extreme long distance fanciers in the world for decades. 
We also obtain all the best from Jan Hooymans and his famous "Harry" line, including a direct son of "Beauty Harry" and several grand children of "Harry". 
Our loft includes pigeons and bloodlines from: Leo Heremans, Gaby Vandenabeele, Pipa Elite Center, Dirk Van Den Bulck, Peter van de Merwe...