Batenburg-Van De Merwe

The name of Batenburg-Van de Merwe and success in extreme long distance racing have been connected ever since Hugo Batenburg’s first interest in pigeon racing decades ago. Hugo now co-owns (together with Pipa Elite Center) the most impressive marathon colony in the world.

In our loft there are children from the best breeders of Hugo Batenburg, we own probably one of the best sons of "New Laureaat" ever breed, who is already father and grand father to massive winners, there is also daughter "New Laureaat", son "The Special One", son "New Remy", son "Bonte Narbonne", a full sister of "Blue Ace", the best hen of Europe and  the best pigeon of WHZB/TBOTB in 2018 and many more

Jelle Jellema

Jelle Jellema is probably the best extreme long distance fancier not only in Holland, in the whole world. In just a few years, he has won many top prizes on international level, thanks to his outstanding pigeons based around cock named "Zwart Goud". Only in last few years he won 1* and 3* place International from Barcelona 2014 with unbeliveable race distance of 1258km against 21.169 pigeons with two outstanding hens named "Kleine Jade" and "Silvie". In 2017 his hen named "Saar" again won 2* National and 4* International Barcelona against 17.026 pigeons. 2017 Barcelona race was one of the hardest editions for decades. 
In our loft there are children from his best breeders&bloodlines including direct daughter of "Blauwe Benno" who is also half-sister of "Saar" by her mother's side. 

Jan Hooymans

Hooymans pigeons are world famous because of their outstanding cock named "Harry" who was one of the best one day long distance racers ever in history in The Netherlands. Hooymans pigeons are not  known only because of outstanding results of "Harry" but also because of the results won by descendants from "Harry" and their stock pair "Jonge Bliksem" X "Dirkje" (parents of "Harry"). In only a few years descendants from this bloodline won several National top prizes, not only in The Netherlands, all over the world and also in world famous one loft races.

In our loft, there is a direct son from "Beauty Harry" who is himself probably the best breeding son of "Harry". There are also several grand children from "Harry" and his best brothers/sisters. 

Gaby Vandenabeele

The gandmaster from Dentergem is one of the best one day long distance fanciers in Belgium for decades. His breed is worldfamous thanks to top results won by his bloodlines in his own loft and also in lofts all over the world. 
In our loft, there are several grand children from his best pigeons such are "Bliksem", "Rudy",...etc

Leo Heremans & Dirk Van Den Bulck

Leo Heremans is one of the best sprint fanciers in Belgium. He has won everything that is possible to win thanks to his supreme breed.

In our loft there are two double grand daughters of "Olympiade 003", double grandson "Olympiade 003" who is himself father to 1* Ace pigeon Short distance in 2018. There is also a cock breed directly from top breeding brother of "De Jan".
There are two inbreed sons of  "Kittel" as well, one of the best sprint pigeons ever in history. He is the base cock of our sprint colony and he is paired to double grand daughters of "Olympiade 003" from Leo Heremans, granddaughters of Kittel himself, granddaughters of Broer Goede rode, 40000 and all base breeders of Dirk Van Den Bulck.
There is son of Sagan from Patrick Boeckx, Sagan was 1* Ace pigeon Short distance KBDB old birds and yearlings in 2013.
There is son from Olympic Kittel, breed directly by Dirk Van Den Bulck himself.
There is daughter of Miracle, breed directly by Dirk Van Den Bulck himself... etc

We are also one of a very few fanciers in the world to have a direct daughter of Broer Goede Rode X Olympic Rosita in our loft. Very rare pairing!

PEC - Pipa Elite Center

We obtain two amazing hens direct from "Blue Ace Freddy'ke", who is granmother of "Porsche 911", the best pigeon they ever had. There is also a cock strongly related to their best breeders like "Dali", "New Patricia", "Tarzan", "New Freddy",...etc

Bart Geerinckx

In our loft there is inbreed grand daughter of "Gladiator" - stock breeder of Bart Geerinckx and also inbreed grand sond of "Wittekop Sylvester" & "Iron Lady". 

Other pigeons & bloodlines

Our stock includes also direct son from "De Wondere Dirk" from Anton Ruitenberg. "De Wondere Dirk" is probably the best breeding son ever from "Kleine Dirk" of C & G Koopman.

There are also a few grand children from "Replay" and "Amigo" from Peter van de Merwe. 

There is also the last ever breed full brother of "Dolle Barcelona" who won himself in 1* National and 2* International Barcelona in 2012 against 25.320 pigeons. His father is 100% Jan Aarden cock, inbreed to the best pigeon ever from Jan Aarden - "De Dolle". His mother is 100% Stiechelbaut and she comes direct from Frans Labeeuw, who is care taker of Stiechelbaut bloodlines still today. Check photos below.